Home remedy for Frozen shoulder!


Frozen shoulder is a very painful condition in which people lose the full rotation or partial movement of their arm. The causes are often unknown and sometimes it may be due to injuries. There is no cure in allopathic medicine for frozen shoulder except pain management medicines. It is hardly benefical to the person suffering and pain medications bring on their own side effects with long term use.

  • Kalachikai or Bonduc nut is a hard core nut as seen in the picture above.
  • Using a hammer break the shell open and take the seed inside and powder it and add about 5 powdered whole black peppercorns to it.

Take it everyday with a cup of water before breakfast in empty stomach. Do it as long as you want until the inflammation goes down. There is no side effects. Increase to two nuts if needed with the same ratio given above. Movement to the arm regains with pain reduction. The benefits without side effects is the much needed relief for people with frozen shoulders.


Nutrition for the soul !

We all know a stress free life is good for our health. Is it even possible to be stress free? I would like to call, learning to let go of stress as the nutrition for the soul.

1. Take a few deep breaths as soon as you recognize the feeling of stress or any kind of anxiety.

2. Take a 5 minute fast paced walk or even a restroom break.

3. Count down to 10 before you speak.

4. Set a time early in the morning before everyone wakes up and concentrate only in your breath for 5 mins or meditate.

5. Start your morning with your favorite exercise for 10 minutes and build it to 30 minutes.

6. Take a walk after lunch break 10 minutes.

7. Slowly introduce yoga routine sun salutation into your morning routine as soon as you brush your teeth.

8. Take an evening 10 minutes walk in the nature.

9. Practice dancing for 10 minutes or run around the house playing tag with the kids/pets.

10. Enjoy 5 minutes of quiet time without any electronic gadgets around.

These 5 to 10 minutes break here and there throughout your day takes the stress off of you and you would have built in your exercise module even without realizing it. No stress exercise and no stressing on being stressed out.

Soon in no time these routines will become habits and it will be second nature. Everyone can handle stress like a pro.