Fresh Orange Juice made easy!


Cut the oranges as shown and press it down gently in the electric juicer. Fresh home made juice is ready with no additives/preservatives/sugar. Drink it with pulp for the added benefit of fiber.

Loaded with vitamin c and truly shortens the length of flu, colds etc. You know you have gone overboard with vitamin c if you have to rush to the bathroom. Pasteurized orange juices are not the same as fresh ones. To protect your tooth enamel drink with a straw. Always gurgle and drink some water after eating or drinking any food to keep your teeth clean.


Green Juice

green juice 2 green juice 1 green juice 3Healthy nutritious green juices can help especially for cancer patients as the body is unable to absorb necessary nutrients from solid food.

In this recipe I have used all colors. Carrots 2, squash 1 , cilantro 1/4,  apple 1/2, cucumber 1, zuchini 1, tomato 1/2, bell pepper 1. Thoroughly washed and split longitudinally and jucied in a twin gear juicer. Green juice is ready! For maximum benefit make it fresh and consume immediately. Can be refrigerated for 24-72 hours. Make it from organic vegetables which is best.