Home remedy for Frozen shoulder!


Frozen shoulder is a very painful condition in which people lose the full rotation or partial movement of their arm. The causes are often unknown and sometimes it may be due to injuries. There is no cure in allopathic medicine for frozen shoulder except pain management medicines. It is hardly benefical to the person suffering and pain medications bring on their own side effects with long term use.

  • Kalachikai or Bonduc nut is a hard core nut as seen in the picture above.
  • Using a hammer break the shell open and take the seed inside and powder it and add about 5 powdered whole black peppercorns to it.

Take it everyday with a cup of water before breakfast in empty stomach. Do it as long as you want until the inflammation goes down. There is no side effects. Increase to two nuts if needed with the same ratio given above. Movement to the arm regains with pain reduction. The benefits without side effects is the much needed relief for people with frozen shoulders.


Easy to follow new year resolutions !

Resolutions can be followed year round when they become habits. We can make our resolutions successful beyond the first month of New year by following simple steps in everyday living.

Starting a new exercise routine or diet or sleep schedule , just take one of them you feel the most important and plan when you are going to

  1. Fit it in your schedule.
  2. Do it consistently for three weeks.
  3. Give yourself a high five if you have followed through or else just start again another three weeks.
  4. Just perseverance for three weeks makes it a small task and helps you succeed.
  5. Now it has become a habit and you will want to do more and keep doing it in smaller increments and turn it into self motivation as you succeed in increments of three weeks.

That’s the power of breaking down tasks into smaller tasks with smaller deadlines to keep us motivated no matter what throughout the year as each day is a fresh start. No more failure of new year resolutions.

Once you have mastered one of your skills add on the next one until making the best choices  becomes second nature.

Kid prepared, approved and tested Green Juice!


A great way to start a kid on a healthy path is to let them prepare their green juice and drink it. My daughter prepared this healthy juice by cleaning and cutting longitudinally the organic carrots (8-9), kale (3-4 handfuls), cilantro (1/2 bunch)and apples (2) and running it through the twin gear juicer of course with supervision. She loved it and it is the first time she drank without making a fuss. Glad it worked out.

Green juices create an alkaline state in the body that promotes health. My kids wanted to be cured of their sore throat and congestion as fast as possible and they decided to go for it. Hope this will become your family’s favorite receipe. Drink this for a healthy immune system and keen eyesight.

Green Juice

green juice 2 green juice 1 green juice 3Healthy nutritious green juices can help especially for cancer patients as the body is unable to absorb necessary nutrients from solid food.

In this recipe I have used all colors. Carrots 2, squash 1 , cilantro 1/4,  apple 1/2, cucumber 1, zuchini 1, tomato 1/2, bell pepper 1. Thoroughly washed and split longitudinally and jucied in a twin gear juicer. Green juice is ready! For maximum benefit make it fresh and consume immediately. Can be refrigerated for 24-72 hours. Make it from organic vegetables which is best.