Green Thai Curry

Source: Green Thai Curry

To eat more vegetables of different color range to keep you healthy try the above recipe. Hope you will enjoy eating the vegetables with this flavorful healthy curry.


Home remedy for Frozen shoulder!


Frozen shoulder is a very painful condition in which people lose the full rotation or partial movement of their arm. The causes are often unknown and sometimes it may be due to injuries. There is no cure in allopathic medicine for frozen shoulder except pain management medicines. It is hardly benefical to the person suffering and pain medications bring on their own side effects with long term use.

  • Kalachikai or Bonduc nut is a hard core nut as seen in the picture above.
  • Using a hammer break the shell open and take the seed inside and powder it and add about 5 powdered whole black peppercorns to it.

Take it everyday with a cup of water before breakfast in empty stomach. Do it as long as you want until the inflammation goes down. There is no side effects. Increase to two nuts if needed with the same ratio given above. Movement to the arm regains with pain reduction. The benefits without side effects is the much needed relief for people with frozen shoulders.

Do you want to be good at Math?

Eat this vegetable raw , Okra ! Here is a recipe that makes okra taste so good for people who may want to try it for the first time.


Slice the vegetables as shown above. Then saute them with sliced onions and about 5-6 Tsps of  coconut oil. Add salt and sambar powder 1 tsp and a pinch of turmeric powder for a pound of Okra. The sticky stuff from the okra will go away once it is cooked.  Yummy okra is ready to eat. This is a favorite among kids too.

Practice eating it raw to ace in Math too. Good for your brain.

A tribute to my beloved dad !

My dad has set a good example of parenting by following and doing what he strongly believed in from food, the love for his work and family. He followed what he preached to us. At the brink of his life too he showed us his unmatched strength that any diagnosis can be reversed. He bravely tried completely new life style changes in his food and showed tremendous improvement which made me see that food is powerful and shouldn’t be handled carelessly.

Food is medicine ! You are what you eat ! Prevention is the best medicine ! All these adages has made me to think and take better steps towards a healthier lifestyle. This blog is my continuous search for making healthier lifestyle second nature and easy to follow so we don’t have to lose our beloved family to sickness and ill health rather live with great zest and enjoy the beauty of life.