Easy to follow new year resolutions !

Resolutions can be followed year round when they become habits. We can make our resolutions successful beyond the first month of New year by following simple steps in everyday living.

Starting a new exercise routine or diet or sleep schedule , just take one of them you feel the most important and plan when you are going to

  1. Fit it in your schedule.
  2. Do it consistently for three weeks.
  3. Give yourself a high five if you have followed through or else just start again another three weeks.
  4. Just perseverance for three weeks makes it a small task and helps you succeed.
  5. Now it has become a habit and you will want to do more and keep doing it in smaller increments and turn it into self motivation as you succeed in increments of three weeks.

That’s the power of breaking down tasks into smaller tasks with smaller deadlines to keep us motivated no matter what throughout the year as each day is a fresh start. No more failure of new year resolutions.

Once you have mastered one of your skills add on the next one until making the best choices  becomes second nature.


Vegetarian Chilly


This vegetarian chilly is a great tasting fiber rich, protein rich easy to make slow cooker recipe. Just soak a handful of Urid dhal, moong dhal, Kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, soy beans, peas, northern beans, black beans, chick peas overnight in a bowl. Cut celery, bell pepper, potato, carrot, mushroom, tomatoes, spring onions into bite size cubes. Add corn and peas and vegetable broth with the all the soaked beans and vegetables and soy chunks into a slow cooker. Add a teaspoon heap of salt, coriander powder, cumin powder, black pepper powder and chilly powder and some butter. Let it cook in the slow cooker for 6 to 7 hours. Add corn flour for desired consistency and garnish with cilantro leaves.

Easy dinner to prepare when you leave for work in the morning. Just turn on the slow cooker. Sizzling hot chilly dinner ready when you are back. High in protein and trace minerals and very healthy for body building the natural way of course with strength training added to it.