Good Fats !

You need good fats to keep you healthy and to absorb the essential fat soluble vitamins for the utilization of the body. To keep your triglyceride levels within norm you need to lower the intake of starchy food. Almonds help to reduce the triglyceride levels. Garlic eatenĀ  fresh just one piece is supposed to lower LDL levels.You can also saute minced garlic with your vegetables too if you can’t stand it raw.

Coconut oil is a good fat that can be used to saute your vegetables. Deep frying any food is not good for the body but when you feel like indulging occasionally use extra virgin organic coconut oil instead of other kinds of processed ones.

Omega 3’s in fish oil or flax seed oil or sesame oil is good for the body. Ghee / butter from grass fedĀ  cows with no antibiotics/no growth hormone is also good. Extra virgin olive oil is good as salad dressing with some black pepper, lemon juice and salt.

As always don’t go overboard with anything.