Nutritional Tips

I like to share some nutritional tips that worked for me.

1. Eat your fruits in empty stomach. Fruits that are more juicy stay in the stomach for about 15 -20 mins and pass to the intestine. So it is best to eat them alone and not combine with any other carbs, proteins or fats.

2. To avoid ear infections, rashes, gastric trouble, allergies, asthma, eczema it is best to avoid cow’s milk.

3. Combining carbs (especially grains) with cow’s milk/cheese is not a good idea if you have milk allergy or even sensitivity.

4. Vegetables that are close to being eaten fresh/raw and gently cooked on stove tops are more nutritious than any kind of processed ones.

5. Steam on stove tops and avoid microwave.

6. Green juices need not have asparagus, rhubarb and Spinach as they can cause build up of oxalic acid (may cause kidney stones) and better to eat cooked not raw.