Paniyaram or Grits Balls


Grits, Idli or dosa batter made at home or purchased from Indian store, salt, water, onions chopped, green chilies.


Boil water 1cup and add 1/4 cup grits to it.

Next add batter to the grits and chopped sauteed onions and green chilies according to the consistency showed in picture 1.

Now pour the batter in the special cast iron griddle as shown in picture 2 half way only.

As the balls are heated up they rise into a ball as shown above and overturn the balls midway during cooking, so they are cooked evenly as shown in picture 3.

Yummy snack or dinner is ready to eat.


To include more veggies grate some carrots, beets and peas to the batter. The idli batter is fermented so you get your pro-biotics and veggies give you fiber and other goodness.