Kid prepared, approved and tested Green Juice!


A great way to start a kid on a healthy path is to let them prepare their green juice and drink it. My daughter prepared this healthy juice by cleaning and cutting longitudinally the organic carrots (8-9), kale (3-4 handfuls), cilantro (1/2 bunch)and apples (2) and running it through the twin gear juicer of course with supervision. She loved it and it is the first time she drank without making a fuss. Glad it worked out.

Green juices create an alkaline state in the body that promotes health. My kids wanted to be cured of their sore throat and congestion as fast as possible and they decided to go for it. Hope this will become your family’s favorite receipe. Drink this for a healthy immune system and keen eyesight.


Carrot, Celery, Cucumber Juice.

Carrot juice

Use a twin gear juicer to extract the maximum nutrients from the vegetables. This juice is a carrot, celery and cucumber combo. Drink it on any juice fasting day and enjoy the delicious taste of carrots. Good for your vision, skin and hydration.

Green Juice

green juice 2 green juice 1 green juice 3Healthy nutritious green juices can help especially for cancer patients as the body is unable to absorb necessary nutrients from solid food.

In this recipe I have used all colors. Carrots 2, squash 1 , cilantro 1/4,  apple 1/2, cucumber 1, zuchini 1, tomato 1/2, bell pepper 1. Thoroughly washed and split longitudinally and jucied in a twin gear juicer. Green juice is ready! For maximum benefit make it fresh and consume immediately. Can be refrigerated for 24-72 hours. Make it from organic vegetables which is best.