Carrot Fried Rice

Ingredients: Basmati Rice 2 cups rinsed and sauteed with ghee 1 Tsp, Water 4 1/4 cups, Oil 3 Tsp, Fennel seeds 1 tsp, Cloves 2 0r 3, Cinnamon sticks 2 or 3 pieces, Aniseeds 2, Bay leaves 2, Sea sal…

Source: Carrot Fried Rice


Easy to follow new year resolutions !

Resolutions can be followed year round when they become habits. We can make our resolutions successful beyond the first month of New year by following simple steps in everyday living.

Starting a new exercise routine or diet or sleep schedule , just take one of them you feel the most important and plan when you are going to

  1. Fit it in your schedule.
  2. Do it consistently for three weeks.
  3. Give yourself a high five if you have followed through or else just start again another three weeks.
  4. Just perseverance for three weeks makes it a small task and helps you succeed.
  5. Now it has become a habit and you will want to do more and keep doing it in smaller increments and turn it into self motivation as you succeed in increments of three weeks.

That’s the power of breaking down tasks into smaller tasks with smaller deadlines to keep us motivated no matter what throughout the year as each day is a fresh start. No more failure of new year resolutions.

Once you have mastered one of your skills add on the next one until making the best choices  becomes second nature.

Vegan Diet seems to be the best!

In my quest for cure and prevention I have been reading a lot about nutrition and experimenting with some recipes at home . It looks like vegan diet does offer some of the best prevention of non communicable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, dementia, Alzheimers, heart disease etc.

Some of the best resources in how to prevent and even reverse these diseases are

  1. Fit for life by Harvey Diamond
  2. Reversing Heart Disease by Dr. Dean Ornish
  3. by Dr.Michael Greger
  4. Fibroid tumors and Endometriosis by Dr. Susan M Lark 

Even if people are vegetarians or non-vegetarians some of the food combinations that should be used or not used is explained in Fit for Life. For example combining fruits with any dairy causes gas problems like making milk shakes with fruits is not at all a good idea. You can experience this personally testing on your self. Eating fruits in empty stomach is the best option.Meat and dairy should not be combined as well as carbohydrate and dairy.

One exception in vegan diet is you can take fish oil supplement or flax oil for your Omega-3 which is very important to your brain health. The next is butter or clarified butter and Kefir also buttermilk that is fermented with probiotic cultures which keeps the gut healthy. Healthy gut bacteria helps in B12 production and absorption in the body which in turn avoids B12 deficient anemia. There is a possibility of B6 deficiency as well if B12 deficiency exist. So one thing could lead to chain of reactions, hence paying attention to how to eat and when to eat is as important as our daily exercise and jobs.



Earth Day !

.Fruit Trees

When we talk about health we cannot ignore the surroundings we live in !

Talking about surroundings should not be narrowed down to our home. Looking at the big picture it is our planet earth. Teaching and following simple rules can add up to a generation full of thoughtful citizens who share this beautiful planet Earth. It provides us with basic necessities for life to thrive clean water, air and shelter like caves and soil for plants to grow and provide food to all living beings. Let us show great respect for this limited natural resource our home and take good care of it. So let us celebrate Earth day not only on April 22nd of every year but every day in our lives.

Like Mahatma Gandhi said ” Be the change you want to see. ” The little things we practice as life style could be the starting place for cleaner planet.

1. Turn off all digital devices when not in use reducing the demand for electricity, in turn reducing the supply which in turn reduces pollution and the cost of power generation. Less power plants lower pollution cleaner planet !

2. Planting fruit trees in your own backyard so the kids get involved and develop a green thumb.

3. Cleaning up after ourselves wherever we are be it home, office, playground or park.

4. Reducing the use of plastics by bringing our own stainless steel water bottle ( helps reduce the costs of recycling and rate of cancers as well)

5. Reduce the use of plastic grocery bags and reusing our cloth bag for shopping.

6. Precious water can be saved by always using a cup or bucket of water for cleaning activities instead of running the water flow from the faucets.

Last but not the least instead of being a mindless consumer giving a little thought to every resource in our hand as the last one that can be used only once, could bring forth plenty of creative ideas that could make us a producer or at the very least help our future generations learn the value of our precious resource our planet Earth.

Healthy Breakfast on the go!


Take freshly available  seasonal fruits like Mangoes, apples, pears, banana, grapes, clementines, berries. Wash them thoroughly. Cut them up into bite size pieces. Add split almonds, peacons, walnuts or nuts of your choice. Add about a teaspoon of honey to  the fruit salad. Enjoy a delicious fulfilling breakfast on the go or lay back and enjoy your breakfast.