A path for cure

Prevention is better than cure ! But sometimes we are faced with the need to get cured from some sort of sickness or conditions that fall upon us in spite of our good intentions and choices. The choices may be made with or without our full knowledge and some in part because of our ignorance about it at that point of time.

We have heard the adage food is medicine but haven’t given much thought about it until its too late. Health is wealth and I am not a fan of outsourcing health. When we eat processed food from packages we knowingly or unknowingly outsource our food.

We all have our busy lives that makes us run the treadmill of life everyday. To do so efficiently we all know exercise, meditation and eating right is the way to go.

This blog is my personal experience/experiences of my friends and families in which I have found remarkable wellness from certain illness, while some has greatly stabilized and all this has been achieved primarily through lifestyle changes with food alone. Add to it the benefits of exercise and meditation and you can easily reach the goal of prevention.




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