Home remedy – Cure for diabetes, fibroids, polycystic ovarian disease is a possibility !

In India this plant is called Insulin plant used in Ayurvedic Medicine to cure Diabetes.

Also known as Spiral Flag, Pushpakara Moola, Costus Igneus. This plant is the same family as ginger plant.

The leaf of this plant when taken raw is supposed to help cure diabetes. Eat just one leaf or two raw in the morning to see a drop in blood sugar level. Since it has a hypoglycemic effect don’t eat too much just one raw leaf everyday in the morning before breakfast.

A simple recipe to cure uterine fibroids, polycystic ovarian disease, irregular periods is as follows.

Boil few leaves of the insulin plant along with few curry leaves in a cup of water for about 5 minutes until it forms like a tea. Strain the water and drink it everyday.

To clear skin blemishes in your face use this mix below as face pack.

Take a few leaves of the insulin plant and grind it into a paste and mix it with lemon juice of equal amount. Then apply this face pack on the face to remove black heads and boils on the face.

Stomach bugs

Take few leaves of the insulin plant and make a paste. Add a pinch of vasambu powder, coriander powder and mix it in coconut oil and boil until oil separates. You can eat this to cure the stomach bugs/parasites that get into the tummy causing sickness.

Apply the same paste above on skin rashes like psoriasis and other long term rashes on the skin for a cure.Insulin Plant