Chayote, Cho-Cho – a quick and tasty recipe


This vegetable is rich in folate which prevents neural tube defects, cell division problems and  an antioxidant. Folate is important for a healthy pregnancy. Cut the vegetable in small cubes after peeling the skin. Saute with mustard seeds, urid dhal, red chillies and onions and a sprinkle of water. Add some fresh unsalted peanuts for a crunchy bite. Garnish with curry leaves for a healthy dose of calcium and cilantro to prevent cataracts.It is a healthy nutritious snack or side dish or can be used in sandwiches. Avoid peanuts if you have peanut allergy.


Kid prepared, approved and tested Green Juice!


A great way to start a kid on a healthy path is to let them prepare their green juice and drink it. My daughter prepared this healthy juice by cleaning and cutting longitudinally the organic carrots (8-9), kale (3-4 handfuls), cilantro (1/2 bunch)and apples (2) and running it through the twin gear juicer of course with supervision. She loved it and it is the first time she drank without making a fuss. Glad it worked out.

Green juices create an alkaline state in the body that promotes health. My kids wanted to be cured of their sore throat and congestion as fast as possible and they decided to go for it. Hope this will become your family’s favorite receipe. Drink this for a healthy immune system and keen eyesight.