Are we reinventing the wheel?

I guess may be so ! Our parents and grandparents mostly cooked at home and hardly encouraged eating out. Now a days we like to say they are old fashioned and are ready to eat out. Our kitchen gets outsourced sometimes. The result we don’t know what is in our food from the packages.

Of course there are labels that list the ingredients. Do you really know what are the causes and effects of these ingredients in your pocket book and health and future generations? Do you really have enough time to analyze it and reinvent the wheel?

Certain facts, that I have seen, the effects with my own kids are, eating anything with food colorings makes them hyper, causes congestion and makes them throw up and they get slight rashes.

Food colorimgs cause hyperactivity. High fructose corn syrup messes with the hormone that lets you know when you are full. MSG is a neurotoxin which is used in almost all packaged foods under the guise of  natural flavors, glutamic acid, glutamate or artificial flavors. It causes food addiction and cravings so you don’t stop eating even though you are full. Partially hydrogenated oils should not be in your diet either. These are the ones I am familiar with.

These are some of  the ingredients list which are so common and what about the others in the list. To see more, cause and effect of all the ingredients and make yourself aware visit

When I came to know about the above site, I was awe stuck about the wisdom of  our ancestors. I did think how smart they were “Old is Gold”. They wouldn’t let us eat out for the sake of  cleanliness and for the reason of adulterations that could be lurking in the form of  food.

Stay at home spouses be proud of the job you are doing. You are not only following the traditions but you are taking care of  your family’s health and not wasting your time reinventing the wheel. If  health is lost living life to its fullest potential is lost. This is not about longevity or boring life. It is about enjoying every moment of your precious short life with energy , zest and ultimate enjoyment that’s true to your heart and soul.

This kind of enjoyment is not a fleeting one but the real kind where you should feel it from within yourself. No one else can teach or make you feel it. So enjoy taking care of  yourself and in the process enjoy saving your hard earned money and enjoy your cooking! As well as a healthy retirement as an added bonus.


Do you want to be good at Math?

Eat this vegetable raw , Okra ! Here is a recipe that makes okra taste so good for people who may want to try it for the first time.


Slice the vegetables as shown above. Then saute them with sliced onions and about 5-6 Tsps of  coconut oil. Add salt and sambar powder 1 tsp and a pinch of turmeric powder for a pound of Okra. The sticky stuff from the okra will go away once it is cooked.  Yummy okra is ready to eat. This is a favorite among kids too.

Practice eating it raw to ace in Math too. Good for your brain.

Nutrition for the soul !

We all know a stress free life is good for our health. Is it even possible to be stress free? I would like to call, learning to let go of stress as the nutrition for the soul.

1. Take a few deep breaths as soon as you recognize the feeling of stress or any kind of anxiety.

2. Take a 5 minute fast paced walk or even a restroom break.

3. Count down to 10 before you speak.

4. Set a time early in the morning before everyone wakes up and concentrate only in your breath for 5 mins or meditate.

5. Start your morning with your favorite exercise for 10 minutes and build it to 30 minutes.

6. Take a walk after lunch break 10 minutes.

7. Slowly introduce yoga routine sun salutation into your morning routine as soon as you brush your teeth.

8. Take an evening 10 minutes walk in the nature.

9. Practice dancing for 10 minutes or run around the house playing tag with the kids/pets.

10. Enjoy 5 minutes of quiet time without any electronic gadgets around.

These 5 to 10 minutes break here and there throughout your day takes the stress off of you and you would have built in your exercise module even without realizing it. No stress exercise and no stressing on being stressed out.

Soon in no time these routines will become habits and it will be second nature. Everyone can handle stress like a pro.

Supplements that are necessary everyday.

Vitamin D3 is a must everyday supplement if you do not get enough sunshine in the area you live. Sun rays during the day from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM is not good for the body. Late evening/early morning sun shine helps the body to produce the much needed vitamin D hormone.

Probiotics aids in the gut health and needs to be taken daily to improve and aid in digestion of  fiber.

Juice plus also fills the necessary gap in nutrition of not taking enough servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oils/flax seed oil helps with brain development and memory functions.