Is chemotherapy the only treatment for cancer?

Two people who had the diagnosis of cancer after the age of 60/65 respectively chose different treatment paths. The one who chose chemo at the age 0f 60 passed away within a week of treatment with pain and bedridden condition. The other at age 65 who chose the path of nutrition lived for another three months with no pain and not bedridden. If the body has such an amazing ability to stabilize even at the brink of life it is worth trying a holistic approach and believe in curing cancer rather than choosing chemotherapy as it kills the good cells as well.

My search for cure made me come across two websites that seems to offer a cure through holistic approach which I would like to share.


Good Fats !

You need good fats to keep you healthy and to absorb the essential fat soluble vitamins for the utilization of the body. To keep your triglyceride levels within norm you need to lower the intake of starchy food. Almonds help to reduce the triglyceride levels. Garlic eaten  fresh just one piece is supposed to lower LDL levels.You can also saute minced garlic with your vegetables too if you can’t stand it raw.

Coconut oil is a good fat that can be used to saute your vegetables. Deep frying any food is not good for the body but when you feel like indulging occasionally use extra virgin organic coconut oil instead of other kinds of processed ones.

Omega 3’s in fish oil or flax seed oil or sesame oil is good for the body. Ghee / butter from grass fed  cows with no antibiotics/no growth hormone is also good. Extra virgin olive oil is good as salad dressing with some black pepper, lemon juice and salt.

As always don’t go overboard with anything.

Fresh Orange Juice made easy!


Cut the oranges as shown and press it down gently in the electric juicer. Fresh home made juice is ready with no additives/preservatives/sugar. Drink it with pulp for the added benefit of fiber.

Loaded with vitamin c and truly shortens the length of flu, colds etc. You know you have gone overboard with vitamin c if you have to rush to the bathroom. Pasteurized orange juices are not the same as fresh ones. To protect your tooth enamel drink with a straw. Always gurgle and drink some water after eating or drinking any food to keep your teeth clean.

Nutritional Tips

I like to share some nutritional tips that worked for me.

1. Eat your fruits in empty stomach. Fruits that are more juicy stay in the stomach for about 15 -20 mins and pass to the intestine. So it is best to eat them alone and not combine with any other carbs, proteins or fats.

2. To avoid ear infections, rashes, gastric trouble, allergies, asthma, eczema it is best to avoid cow’s milk.

3. Combining carbs (especially grains) with cow’s milk/cheese is not a good idea if you have milk allergy or even sensitivity.

4. Vegetables that are close to being eaten fresh/raw and gently cooked on stove tops are more nutritious than any kind of processed ones.

5. Steam on stove tops and avoid microwave.

6. Green juices need not have asparagus, rhubarb and Spinach as they can cause build up of oxalic acid (may cause kidney stones) and better to eat cooked not raw.

Green Juice

green juice 2 green juice 1 green juice 3Healthy nutritious green juices can help especially for cancer patients as the body is unable to absorb necessary nutrients from solid food.

In this recipe I have used all colors. Carrots 2, squash 1 , cilantro 1/4,  apple 1/2, cucumber 1, zuchini 1, tomato 1/2, bell pepper 1. Thoroughly washed and split longitudinally and jucied in a twin gear juicer. Green juice is ready! For maximum benefit make it fresh and consume immediately. Can be refrigerated for 24-72 hours. Make it from organic vegetables which is best.

A tribute to my beloved dad !

My dad has set a good example of parenting by following and doing what he strongly believed in from food, the love for his work and family. He followed what he preached to us. At the brink of his life too he showed us his unmatched strength that any diagnosis can be reversed. He bravely tried completely new life style changes in his food and showed tremendous improvement which made me see that food is powerful and shouldn’t be handled carelessly.

Food is medicine ! You are what you eat ! Prevention is the best medicine ! All these adages has made me to think and take better steps towards a healthier lifestyle. This blog is my continuous search for making healthier lifestyle second nature and easy to follow so we don’t have to lose our beloved family to sickness and ill health rather live with great zest and enjoy the beauty of life.